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Ahhh...That's the sound you'll make when you try a soothing, sensory aqua massage experience. Perfect for busy, stressed people, an Aqua Massage allows you to pack more relaxation into less time because you receive the benefits of a traditional massage in only 15 - 30 minutes!


Hurried clients love the convenience of not having to undress, and modest clients appreciate the privacy of not having to be touched by a stranger. We offer this service in a private comfortable setting so you can be completely at ease.


You can schedule additional treatments during your appointment, ensuring your next relaxing session is not far away.  Make your appointment today and get ready to...




Schedule Your Aqua Massage Session Now!

Click on the image and choose the Aqua Massage session that best suits you. Take advantage of our introductory pricing of $1.00 /minute! (*plus tax)


15 Minute Aqua Massage Session  - $15

-When you don't have much time but need the benefits of a

relaxing, rejuvenating massage.  


30 Minute Aqua Massage Session - $30

-Have a bit more time?  Come settle in to our relaxing massage

room and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  

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