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"Do I really need my hormones replaced/optimized?".........We're going to go with..........probably.

Did you know that the signs and symptoms associated with aging are often left unaddressed by healthcare providers. Stress, fatigue, low libido, a foggy mind, and weight gain are among some of the most common symptoms. The goal of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is to address the root cause of symptoms by optimizing hormone levels in men and women.

As people age, hormone levels naturally decline. Emerging research demonstrates the importance of hormone optimization as one ages to prevent disease/illness and encourage health promotion. Individuals questioning their health and wellness should definitely think about having their hormones checked. 

Replacing/optimizing one's hormones is a decision based upon blood test results and the symptoms being experienced. Hormones can be an amazing enhancement to your quality of life. The decision to begin hormone therapy, however, is (in the end) up to the patient but a good relationship with a knowledgeable and experienced provider can go a long way in helping a "patient" feel more like a "person" on their way to a happier and healthier lifestyle.

From the Hearts & Minds of Jill Fierro & Sarah Cordova (Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioners)

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