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JANUARY......It's Thyroid Awareness Month!

Did you know that individuals may be symptomatic of under-functioning thyroid levels despite having normal levels on labs? The thyroid gland is a major organ involved in our metabolism, memory, hair, skin and nails as well as mood. It is so important, that on a cellular level, thyroid hormones are involved in almost every cellular process for the body. 

The three main causes of low thyroid levels are 1) decreased hormone production by the thyroid gland, 2) decreased conversion of thyroid hormone to it's free state in the bloodstream, and 3) receptor site resistance which means the hormone can not effectively do its job. 

The most common symptoms of low thyroid are: feeling weak, tired or cold often, thin hair, skin and nails, as well as weight gain. Other common symptoms include changes in mental focus and clarity, and even mood changes in both men and women. 

Do you feel any of these symptoms, or feel like something is "off"? Luckily, thyroid replacement is an option for you! Feel free to contact us here at Allied Health and Wellness and let us help you figure out the problem. We'd love to help you achieve your health and wellness goals!

From the Hearts & Minds of Jill Fierro & Sarah Cordova (Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioners)

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