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 Jill Fierro

Board Certified

Family Nurse Practitioner

     Specializing in:


Chronic Disease Management 


Preventive Medicine


Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization since 2012    


Family Practice Medicine


Personalized Medical

Weight Loss


Cosmetic Services

(Botox-Juvederm Fillers, Platelet Rich Plasma, Morpheus8 skin tightening)


(Non-Surgical Fat Loss)

*Are you interested in Pellet Hormone Therapy?  We proudly offer EvexiPEL Services & Supplements. 

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What makes our practice different

and why is it better for you?

One of the biggest (and most important) differences you’ll find between our medical practice, and other traditional family practices is the number of patients we see.


Most family care providers routinely include 2,500 patients or more in their practices. With Allied Health and Wellness, you’ll be part of a much more intimate practice.  Since we are able to limit the patients we care for to such a small number, the advantages are inevitable, and plentiful.


You'll receive appointment times within 24 hours, visits lasting 30 minutes or longer, no crowded waiting rooms, and a calm "spa like" environment.


Our services are provided through direct patient care.  This means no insurance is required, accepted, or filed by our practice.  You are eligible to receive services from us simply by becoming a member of our practice.  This membership can be paid in monthly installments or in a single annual payment.  Annual membership is provided at a discount. 

The membership fee you pay provides you with access to our services.  When you arrive for your visit you will not be asked to provide a "Co-Pay". You simply arrive for your scheduled appointment and receive your care.  Because we are not bound by the requirements insurance companies place on other providers, we are not limited to the time constraints necessary to operate. 


We do not require extensive staff in order to keep up with insurance reimbursements and therefore we can operate our practice with lower overhead.  This allows us to limit the number of members we have so that each member receives the quality care and access they deserve.

In addition, we will maintain your medical records in a safe and secure environment.  Your medical records are yours.  You will have electronic access to them.  Your records are only provided to others when medically indicated for referrals or at your request.  You will always be included in the decision to share your medical records with others. 

"The greatest Medicine of all --- is to teach people how not to need it".     SUSHRUTA 600 BC

ALLIED Health & Wellness, LLC

is a business, locally owned and operated by Jill Fierro & Daniel Fierro that serves Carlsbad and the surrounding communities. 


Provider:  Jill Fierro, Family Nurse Practitioner-Board Certified


Owner/Operator:  Daniel Fierro


910 W. Pierce St. #105 (Mailing Address)

201 N. Alameda St.(Physical Address)
Carlsbad, NM  88220
Tel: 575-689-8233

Fax: 575-689-8968

Proud to be a Family business providing Exceptional service to you since 2014.  Locally Owned, & Operated 

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