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Congratulations!  You've Successfully Submitted Your Form!

Your information has been received by our staff and will be reviewed shortly.  If you require an appointment please contact our office by phone to get that set up.  Prior to your appointment we can answer any questions you may have and finalize the required paperwork.  We will need you to complete a membership packet and you may stop by our office during normal business hours and pick one up or you can simply fill it out when you arrive. 


Here's a brief list of items you will need to bring with you to your appointment:


1.   Photo Identification


2.   Health Insurance Card

      (*Although we do not accept or file insurance, your insurance information is necessary for us to create your "superbill" if you are going 

      to file your claims yourself.  In addition, some referrals and exams at outside agencies may require pre-authorization from your

      insurance company)


3.  Payment type (* Unless your membership is being paid for by your employer)

      (*A credit card is required to be kept on file for persons paying monthly.  Annual payments paid in full can be made using cash, check, or

      credit card)



Thank you!


ALLIED Health & Wellness, LLC

201 N. Alameda St. (Physical Address)

910 W Pierce St #105 (Mailing Address)

Carlsbad, NM  88220

Phone: 575-689-8233

Fax: 575-689-8968


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