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Beginning *January 1, 2016 some of our prices will be changing.  If you have any questions regarding these changes please feel free to contact us.  Thank you


Current Pricing                                                    New Pricing                                                                                


Initial Wt Loss Visit                $155                    Initial Wt Loss Visit                 $155


Initial Hormone Visit                                          Initial Hormone Visit

w/o labs available                  $50                       w/out labs available              $155


Initial Hormone Visit                                          Initial Hormone Visit

w/labs available                     $105                    w/labs available                      $155


Initial Wt Loss &                                                 Initial Wt Loss &

Hormone Visit                                                    Hormone Visit

w/or w/out labs                     $155                    w/or w/out labs                       $155


Follow Up Wt Loss                                             Follow Up Wt Loss

and/or Hormone Visit           $105                    and/or Hormone Visit           $125


Standard Membership                                      Standard Membership

Monthly Fee                          $129                    Monthly Fee                              $139


Standard Membership                                      Standard Membership

Annual Fee                             $1400                  Annual Fee                              $1500


-If you wish to have your lab results available during your first visit so that a more comprehensive and complete consultation can be completed, we can provide your lab order to you prior to your appointment with a fee of $25.   That fee will then be removed from the initial visit cost.


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