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We're Having a Coolsculpting FLASH Sale!

Beginning Thursday Sept 29th
and only for a limited time

When you purchase Four Cycles, we'll give you and additional Two Cycles for FREE!
That's a $1500 value

In addition to that, we'll give you $300 off of the purchase of your initial four cycles
(Normally $3000 but you'll pay just $2700) 
You only have to pay 50% down now with the option of scheduling your treatment and paying the balance anytime within the next
Six Months! 

Now, you may have some questions, like:
What does "buying four cycles" mean and
what can it do for me?

During your initial Consultation we will examine the areas of your body that you are interested in treating.  As we look at an area we can determine how many "cycles" it will take to fully treat each area.  Each time a Coolsculpting applicator is placed on your body, allowed to do it's job, and then removed, is called a "cycle".  Many common "problem areas" will require from one to six cycles in order to receive a satisfactory result.  Although we are able to treat many areas of the body with Coolsculpting, here are some examples of common treatable areas that could require six cycles.  These are simply examples and any of the areas on the *body can be mixed and match to achieve your particular goals.

Abdomen and Flanks
(commonly referred to as
"love handles")

CS Consultation Pic 2.jpg

Inner Thighs, Outer Thighs,
and underneath portion of
Upper Arms

Front Bra "Puff" and rear
Bra Strap/Upper Back

CS Consultation Pic 3.jpg

Click HERE for Before & After Photos and Videos!

Check out the

Coolsculpting Treatment Journey


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