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Primary Care Membership and Wellness Services

When you choose to become a member with us, you have the option of choosing between two membership types.  Standard Membership and Premium Membership.  Both offer increased quality of care.  In addition to being your primary care provider, we also offer wellness options that are included in your membership, no matter which one you choose.

Standard Membership

Cost:   159.00  per month or  1700.00 annually



  • Primary medical care

  • All wellness options at no additional cost

  • No additional “Co Pay” per office visit

  • Communication through email, text, etc. during business hours

  • Chronic and acute illness management

  • Telephone/Video Conference Appointments

  • Same day/next day appointments

  • 12 visits annually

Premium Membership

Cost:   249.00  per month or  2700.00  annually



  • All Standard Services

  • Unlimited visits

  • After hours communication

  • Prescriptive services while traveling

  • Acute care appointment for a visiting family member from out of town

  • Includes free college student add-on for one student

Child Care Add-On

May be added to any Standard or Premium Membership:

79.00 per month for first child

59.00 per month for second and subsequent children



  • All membership benefits of sponsoring parent/guardian (excluding free college student add-on for premium members)

  • Parent/guardian must have a current standard or premium membership

  • Child must live with parent/guardian

  • Must be at least 10 yrs old up to 18 yrs of age

College Student Add-On

May be added to any Standard or Premium Membership:

49.00 per month per student Includes:


  • 4 visits annually

  • Out of town prescriptive services

  • Out of town coordination of care

  • Management of health and wellness needs

Wellness  Services

Personalized Medical Weight Loss

Bio-Identical Hormone Optimization

Smoking Cessation

Nutritional Instruction

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